What does Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, and DISC all have in common? They are normative and (likely) they weren’t designed by you. They are approximations of subsets of us. Honestly, how would a 5 minute test be able to convey the complexities of my personality? It can’t. Also, I do not want to be a Slow Loris, whatever that is.

We, as humans, do love a quick answer though and christendom has followed suit with spiritual gifts tests. I’ve written before about needing to redefine what spiritual gifts really mean. God is infinitely creative and His design, our preferences, and our experiences shapes us into infinitely different people.

I will contend, however, these tests might be useful in some contexts. They can help us understand ourselves in some limited scope. But, what if there is something better, something that describes us more fully and can be used in all aspects of our lives? I believe understanding our Design can do just that.

How is Design different?

Design is about understanding your personal, innate strengths and preferences. These are baked in and they rarely change. They make their way out into all your activities. We can look back at different arenas in your life and understand what those pieces might be. We can then create a picture, a more complete picture, of who you are.

Your Design is also defined by YOU! You're a unique individual and we want to capture that uniqueness as best a possible. No one setting categories that you may or may not fit into. No analogies or comparison to animals. It's just you and you have final say in who you are. Besides, who knows you better than you?

Like anything in this world, real understanding takes time and effort. This isn’t a fast process that you can do in a single session in front of the computer. It’ll take you time to be introspective and relive the best parts of your life.

Sounds fun right?!? If you think so, let’s get started!